Our Story

In 1911 Frank Flocchini immigrated from Avanone Italy. Soon after immigrating to the U.S. he returned to Italy and married. Upon his return he purchased land to begin a dairy and farming business. Both Frank and his wife Mary worked hard together to become successful. In 1965 they handed down their business to their three sons. In 1999 the dairy business was sold, and soon after in 2002 the family members planted Flocchini Estate Vineyard.

In 2005 Nicholas, Andrew, and Andrew’s wife Patty created Flocchini Wines. The grapes used for their wines are harvested from the family vineyard. The grapes are then custom crushed and aged in new and neutral oak barrels.

Our Location and Methodology

The Southern Sonoma Coast Appellation area is ideal for vineyards due to the cool nights and warm days, it is especially well suited for Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Syrah vines.

We are producing high quality wines by adhering to the best-recommended practices of soil and vineyard management. The vineyard consists of rolling hills and a sandy-loam soil. The rootstock was planted during the light phase of the moon, and the nature of the soil enables us to create a more smooth and full-bodied wine.

Our grapes are all hand-picked at night, this ensures that the grapes are in the most optimal condition for crushing.